Our Mission

  • Operate a compassionate, no-kill animal sanctuary for the ill, the un-adoptable and the elderly.
  • Provide animal rescue, medical care and temporary haven for adoptable animals until qualified homes/rescues are found.
  • Operate as a Hurricane Emergency Response Center for Rescue Organizations.
  • Unite with local animal welfare organizations to join forces w/ national organizations to promote S/N.Provide ProvideIt is our mission to end animal overpopulation & euthanasia by teaming to enact spay-neuter laws by 2012.

How does SFAS’ Mission Help our Communities?

Quality Medical Care is provided to every pet that comes into our sanctuary. Often, these animals are victims of car accidents or abandonment. Many have health issues because their owners could not afford veterinarian services.

Many pets, come to SFAS in dire need of medical care and TLC. With proper medical care, our pets are restored to the best physical condition possible, allowing SFAS to find families for these loving paws.

SFAS also contributes when our veterinarians contact us about families’ who cannot afford lifesaving services and are desperate for help.

To help reduce the population of homeless dogs and cats, in 2004 SFAS launched the Mandeville Pet Project. This program is a low-cost spay-neuter voucher program for low-income families in Mandeville, LA. Funded by grants and donations, more than 1000 animals have been “fixed” through the MPP program. It continues today with the City of Mandeville providing this service to its citizens.

SFAS does every thing possible to make a difference, one-on-one, with the medical dollars donated.