President’s Report

President’s Report, 2010

by Pam Perez

As we welcome 2011, we would like to take this opportunity to fill you in on some of our accomplishments in 2010; successes we would not have realized without your very generous support.

2010 represented a record year for St. Francis Animal Sanctuary (SFAS). We were able to rescue and save the lives of 274 dogs and cats in 2010! This was in addition to the starting population of nearly 370 animals that were already in residence at the Sanctuary at the start of 2010.

Notable among the dogs and cats we rescued were 107 dogs and puppies from a Louisiana puppy mill in May 2010. These unfor- tunate little creatures suffered from a multitude of health prob- lems including eye infections, arthritis, heartworms and dental disease. Your support made it possible for us to provide them with the essential medical care and spay and neuter these ani- mals needed. Over 80 of these dogs and puppies were adopted to loving homes. Of those that remain in our care, many are still adjusting to a life free from cage confinement and extreme neglect. If you would like to assist any of these little dogs by providing a foster home to help them with their socialization skills, contact us at or 601-222-1927.

To increase our local adoptions even more, SFAS began hosting regular adoption events twice a month, every second Saturday at the Mandeville Trailhead and each third Saturday our Thrift and Gift Shop in Mandeville, LA. Our Thrift and Gift Shop also boasts Kitty Heaven, a first class cat adoption center staffed by loving volunteers who spend hours caring for the cats. Since its inception in July, more than 20 cats and kittens were adopted through Kitty Heaven by the end of December 2010!

Our original thrift store on Girod Street in Mandeville, opened in August 2009, burned on April 11, 2010. The loss represented a temporary set back in our revenue and forced us to reopen at another location. Our new store is located at 813 Florida Street in Mandeville, LA, which is in a high traffic area and is three times larger than the original store. With the move to the new location, we’ve seen our revenue and donations of saleable items increase.

Another huge accomplishment in April 2010, was hiring a veterinarian who works two days a week on-site at the sanctuary to provide spay/neuter, dentals, preventative medical care and in-house laboratory testing for heartworms, feline leukemia, and FIV. The cost savings and easy access to on site medical care enables us to provide faster and even higher quality care for all of SFAS’ rescued animals.

On behalf of the staff, board of directors and most importantly, the animals we serve, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your support during 2010. As we move forward and save even more animals, we hope that you will consider making another generous gift to SFAS.