Dogs available for adoption at SFAS Tylertown

Have you ever felt that you were missing something in your home?  Well, look no further!  These awesome companions are available for adoption.  They are guaranteed to make  your home more lively! Every dog has its own story and I’m sure they want to tell  you about it, so why  not give them a chance!  These faithful companions just want a “forever home” and “forerver families” that they can love.  That’s what dogs do: they love!  You will never find a more loyal friend than these beautiful “fur-kids”.




About lonaddison

Yolanda "Lon" Addison is a freelance photographer. She studied Public Affairs at the Defense Information School at Ft Meade, Maryland. Though she does all kinds of photography: families, children, landscapes; animal and wildlife photography is her passion. It is her hopes that her photography will help find these precious animals homes. If you have any questions, she can be contacted at 504-717-1941 or