Shelter Damaged by Tornado on August 9, 2012

Donations needed in wake of storm destruction

St. Francis Animal Sanctuary (SFAS) of Tylertown, MS, the largest No Kill shelter in Mississippi, suffered serious damage on the afternoon of Thursday, August 9, 2012 when hit by a tornado. Two buildings were destroyed, another severely damaged and one dog was killed. Dogs were set loose on the property by the storm, but have been secured although displaced from the damage of the storm.

Since the shock of this tragedy has passed and a lot of the debris has been removed, we have finally been able to start to assess our reconstruction needs.  Hundreds of feet of chain link fencing was destroyed along with two cinder block dog units that must be rebuilt and repaired and re-equipped with water, heating and air needs. Monetary donations for help with construction costs, volunteers, blankets, bedding, tarps, food, water hoses, nozzles, kennels, stainless steel food bowls and food are all greatly needed and welcomed as we begin rebuilding the homes of the dogs and cats of the sanctuary.

You may call 601-222-1927 to volunteer or you may visit our facebook page to follow our progress at and of course cash donations are also in great need.  A link to PayPal is provided below.

St. Francis was well known as “Tylertown” during the animal rescue following Katrina. Best Friends was based there and many, many animals passed through Tylertown on their way to other rescues. After that disaster, the shelter has continued to serve Mississippi and Louisiana. Both are states with great need and St. Francis is a valued member of the No Kill community and vital to that area.

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