Foster Program

Our pets may need to be fostered for a variety of reasons. Some are too young for adoption, some need a home in which to recover after a medical procedure, some are pregnant or nursing, and some need more socialization. Foster families provide the love and stability these animals need to be happy and healthy, both mentally and physically. When an animal has been in a foster home, it is more confident and social; therefore it transitions into its new home with ease!

Foster homes are also important because they provide more room at the sanctuary; therefore we can help more animals. Though we have 24 acres and it seems like a lot of room, we acutally have a limit to the number of animals we can house at the sanctuary. When foster families take in animals, they are also helping other animals by opening up a space for another needy animal. There are many animals in need, so the more animals we can take in the better!

How long will I be fostering an animal?
Generally, the foster time period ranges from 3-6 weeks. The time period can vary, however, depending on the needs of each pet.

Who could I be fostering?
Orphaned puppies and kittens: We send orphaned puppies and kittens to foster homes when they are too young to be spayed or neutered. This is where they will receive the love and socialization that is so important in these early months. They are sent out in pairs or groups of three because it is very important for these little ones to have the company of their siblings.

Pregnant moms: Occasionally we get adult dogs and cats that are pregnant. Our sanctuary environment is can sometimes be stressful for these expectant moms and it is very important for them to have a temporary place to relax, be comfortable and have their babies.

Moms with babies: New moms, both cats and dogs, are always in need of quiet and relaxing foster homes. Our sanctuary environment can sometimes be very stressful for them. Typically, this is an easy foster. The babies are nursing for the first 3-4 weeks. Dogs need a quiet place and someone to take them out throughout the day. Cats need a quiet place to raise their babies.

Adult dogs or cats in need of socialization: Some adult dogs and cats may need more specialized attention than we can realistically provide at the sanctuary. They may just be scared or lack certain social skills. A couple of weeks in a loving home helps their self esteem and gives them the confidence they need to find a good home during their time with SFAS.

Dogs or cats being treated for medical reasons: When we have dogs or cats who are being treated medically and are not ready to go up for adoption yet, they need a caring foster home to help them recuperate. When they are fully recovered, they will be ready to return to St. Francis Animal Sanctuary and find their forever families.

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